Questions to ask wedding photographers

20 Questions to ask wedding photographers before booking

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With the amount of wedding photographers out in the world and the amount of profiles, website’s and recommendations you are likely to see when on the search for your wedding photographer, it’s no easy feat trying to book one you believe is going to be the photographer for you. After all, once your wedding day is complete, the flowers wilting and the time starts to pass you’ll be left with your precious memories and your wedding photographs – which hopefully capture all the love, emotion, moments, happiness and magic of your day.

A solid connection with your photographer and having that natural, warm feeling is going to set you in great stead. From experience, the most important piece of advice from me is to make sure you feel you can hit it off with your photographer. This person ( hopefully me!) is going to be with you all day and is going to be taking photos of you, your partner, your friends and your family. To have a feeling of some kind of bond in important as the more natural and relaxed the photos will look, the better.

A caring, confident photographer will not mind answering questions. Based on a lot of initial meetings and calls for me I have discovered that not every couple knows the kind of questions that should be asked when booking their wedding photographer. In fact, the majority of couples have no idea. That is why I have decided to try and help with this detailed blog; 20 questions to ask wedding photographers before booking.

Hopefully the list can be used as inspiration for you. Your wedding photographer will probably answer a lot of these questions as they go through their introductions, products and services but I do hope the questions are useful and offer you something you may not have thought about before reading this post. So, let’s get in to it – questions to ask wedding photographers!

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1. How much do you charge and what is included?

I have three main price points which differ based on if you are wanting albums or not. All my prices can be found on my website here and every couple I meet with gets a full breakdown sent over to them after the call. All my prices include travel in England and Wales and is for all day wedding photography.

This of course is a good question to ask, as straight away gives you an understanding as to whether the photographer is within budget and by asking what is included, should stop any nasty last minute shocks from arising. A good question to kick off ‘questions to ask wedding photographers’

2. What is the condition of payment?

An initial deposit of £200 is required to secure the date. The remainder of the total balance is not then due until a month before your wedding date.

Knowing the terms of agreement for payment is going to help you organise your funds and work to a budget.

3. How long are you with us for on the day?

I don’t do time limits. I believe that as a wedding photographer, I should be there for the entirety of your wedding. I don’t do time limits for wedding days. Personally, I’ll be with you roughly 3 hours before your ceremony and will stay with you until at least the first dance ( and then some!)

This is a good question to ask so you know once 6 hours, 10 hours or whatever the timeframe might be, your photographer isn’t going to pack up and leave. Cement the understanding from your initial conversation so you know how long to expect your wedding photographer is with

4. Do you have a contract?

Absolutely! A copy is sent out to you, along with an initial quote, for you to analyse before booking with me and ensure you are happy with the terms.

Anyone who runs a business of any kind should have a contract. This is good business practise and shows professionalism. Not only does it protect the owner of the business but it also protects its customers as should outlay the expectations and operation of, in this case, the wedding photographer.

5. Do you have insurance?

I pay yearly for indemnity insurance and liability insurance – so everything is well protected and safe. Some venues in fact will ask for proof of insurance in order to work there.

If a photographer doesn’t have insurance, how seriously are they taking their business? The insurance is there to act as a layer of protection for all parties from minor things such as cameras being damaged to the greater things like serious accidents. A wedding photographer should have insurance. Key questions to ask wedding photographers.
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6. What happens if you can’t make the wedding due to illness or injury?

I have a large network of friends and other wedding photographers not only in the area, but over the whole of the UK. If for any reason I couldn’t make your wedding due to unforeseen, emergency circumstances I would give you the choice of finding someone in my network ( who you like the look of) to work on my behalf or I would offer you a complete refund, complete with the deposit also.

It’s important to know your wedding photographer has plans for an emergency. Full transparency for these kind of situations helps to put you at comfort and ease, knowing a back-up plan is in place, in the unlikely circumstance of being required.

7. What is your style of photography?

Firstly, from a people perspective, I would describe myself as having a relaxed approach. M number one priority is to ensure you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed around me. The best photos are the natural ones and I want you all to be carrying on with your day whilst I hunt moments and emotions that are happening without being forced. For group shots and particular moments such as confetti, I am very confident to take the lead to get the most from these with ease. As far as creative style and flair; natural, colourful, vibrant photos again concentrating on real moments of emotion and joy.

It’s always good to get a gauge of how your photographer view their opinion as a wedding photographer. Of course, you get a good idea based on the work you see through the photography but this offers you a little more insight as to how your photographer works their day.

A blog to help you get the most from your photography experience:

8. Can we see full wedding galleries that you have photographed?

Of course. I have lots of galleries I can happily share with you on a zoom call, to give you an idea of how a full wedding looks with me as the wedding photographer.

It’s always a bonus for you to be able to see how a full wedding may look as opposed to a websites portfolio section or an instagram page full of all the best showcase photos from a photographer. A full wedding is going to give you an idea of how your full gallery of pictures could look. This for me is one of the key questions to ask wedding photographers.

9. Why are you a wedding photographer?

I love photography and I’m passionate about people. Merge the two together and wedding photography is a job that was made for me. Alot of my family and friends have mentioned to me that being a wedding photographer is a natural fit and I was born to be one. I love the way a wedding brings all family and friends together for a massive celebration full of emotion and joy. They are a pleasure to capture and honestly, it doesn’t feel like a job to me but something I love doing. The chance to be creative and the satisfaction of knowing I am capturing lifelong memories makes me feel very proud of my chosen career path.

This is a nice question to ask to gauge the drive of a photographer. For me personally, I do also work full-time in an IT job and doing the weddings is an opportunity to do everything I love in life and get creative. Money is not my driver for the weddings, but the passion is.

10. After the wedding, how long does it take for us to get our images?

My turnaround of your fully edited images is to deliver them to you 4-6 weeks after your wedding day, if not sooner. I also provide a sneak peak preview of roughly 10 quick edits from your wedding day within 48 hours of your wedding finishing.

Asking this question sets your expectation to know when you get your final delivery of photos. Photographers have a variance of delivery times with some being as long as 3 months. Asking the question gives you a realistic idea of when to receive your photos.
Bridal party enjoying the moment before the wedding gets underway at Ellenborough Park Hotel in Cheltenham

11. How do we get the images?

I do have a few different packages but all the packages include an online, private, password protected gallery. It looks really good and works really well. My couples are always very impressed with the gallery as it offers a lot of features including being able to download to any device, being able to favourite specific photos and being able to purchase prints and wall art in a variety of different sizes and material.

It’s important to realise how you will receive your photos. Some photos will send them to you via a tool like WeTransfer, others will provide you with a USB and the majority now are providing online galleries. Understanding how you will receive your pictures let’s you plan such things as how family are going to be able to access them etc.

12. Are we allowed to share the images with friends and family?

Of course! The purpose of a wedding is to celebrate and share the love and the same applies to your photos. Being easily accessible via weblink, you have the freedom to share with whoever you want and they can then download to whatever device they have.

I can’t imagine any photographer is going to begrudge you sharing your wedding photos with your family and friends but it’s a good question to ask, as some photographers do actually charge additional fees for anyone else downloading photos, other than you!

13. Do you have a backup in place?

I have two cameras at least on your wedding day, both with dual memory card slots, with one card backing up the other as I take my shots. I go straight home from your wedding and straight away plug my cameras in to my computer. I then backup your photos to three external hard-drives as well as put a copy of all the photos in to cloud storage as well. Once your photos are edited and complete, they also go on to my hard drives with a further backup taking place in to your online gallery – which in essence is another cloud backup, keeping your photos safe in the modern day cloud.

For me, this is one of the absolute key questions to ask wedding photographers! What is the point of taking all these gorgeous photos to capture your memories if the photographer gets home and then suddenly realises the memory card in their camera has become corrupt – could you imagine!!

14. How can we get an album?

I can design these for you as part of my album package. When you get your online gallery, you can pick your favourites out very easily with the click of a heart shaped button. I can then see these favourites, build you an album based on a colour you would like your album to be ( I have a full range of colours and styles available) and I can then send you a proof before confirming if you are happy for the album to go to production. The album then comes to me, so I can make sure the quality is as I expect, before then arranging with you a way to collect/ deliver your album.

If you are being offered an album as part of a package, it’s good to understand the process behind the scenes. Some photographers will take the workload off you and design the entire album and pictures for you, some will expect a lot of interaction to get the album developed and others will offer a mix of both.

15. How long do albums take to deliver?

Once the final proof has been approved, I am likely to get your album sent to me within one month. I then ensure the quality is high and can get your album to you within a week of having it.

Asking this question is going to help you manage your own expectations on when you should realistically receive your wedding album.
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16. Are we free to do what we like with our images?

They’re yours! You can do what you like with them. Make albums, print them, hang them from your walls, make cushions with them on for your family, share them on social media such as facebook. The only rule in place here is you are not allowed to sell them.

17. Can we both have shots of getting ready in the morning?

You sure can. If you are both getting ready at the same venue or in the same area, I can pop between you both and capture both sides of the wedding parties getting ready. If you are both getting ready away from each other, then no problem, I also offer an a second shooter as an add-on. They would be responsible for staying with one of you whilst I stay with the other. The added bonus to this is they would also be capturing an alternative perspective of your wedding day.

There isn’t always a desire from one member of the couple ( usually groom) to have photos taken during the morning preparation but it’s always nice to know that if it is something wanted, the photographer can cater for it.

18. Can we have a photo-shoot before our wedding day?

Of course you can. This is known as a pre-wedding shoot and is something I offer all my wedding couples as an additional add on. This is a really good idea for any couples who feel anxious or nervous in front of a camera. It’s not a must have as I a wedding photographer and can work with anyone. However, if you feel it can add benefit to your overall experience, then let’s do it!

Understanding if your photographer offers the opportunity for you to get behind the camera and physically meet up before your wedding is important for some people.

19. Can you recommend suppliers?

Yes. I have worked many weddings and have relationships with various suppliers. If you would like any recommendations for any particular parts of your day, I’m always happy to share my thoughts.

Being able to ask questions like these to suppliers already in the industry might unlock you with talent you didn’t already know was out there. Word of mouth is a great thing.

20. Do we need to feed you?

I wouldn’t say no. It’s a long day for a wedding photographer and a hot meal would always be greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t expect to be eating what your wedding party is but a hot meal of some description from the kitchen would be of massive benefit, also saves me having to journey out to a local shop. It’s not a necessity and you can say no. I wouldn’t hold any ill feelings regarding this. It does just mean if it’s a hot day I will need to find somewhere local for food whilst you all eat, as I wouldn’t be able to keep food in the car.

A lot of wedding photographers now put the need of food in their contracts. It is a long day and food prepared is always greatly appreciated, especially as it then keeps the photographer close to the action. I reiterate, I do not demand to be fed, but I do appreciate it.


I hope this list of ‘questions to ask wedding photographers ‘ helps you with ideas of what to think for when booking your photographer. If anything, I hope it gives you a little bit of insight as to what to listen out for when having your consultations with any prospective wedding photographers.

The most important thing however is that you feel some initial click or connection to. It’s like anything really, you’ll know within the first 30 seconds of meeting if you feel the person on the other end is the one for you. After all, a wedding photographer is going to be with you all day on your wedding and is going to be there from you getting ready in the morning until the late evening. It’s important you feel that you feel you can both have a solid working relationship with a good level of professionalism and structure. Again, hopefully the questions above help offer you the inspiration to determine that.

If you like what you have read and would like to consider me as your wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you. You can find out more about me from the below boxes.

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