It’s me- Pedge!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, I’m Pedge. I am based in the heart of the Cotswolds: Cheltenham. I have lived here the majority of my life and I am extremely familiar with Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. Although I would suggest I am a Cheltenham wedding photographer or a Gloucestershire wedding photographer, I have no limits on travel within the UK and would happily capture your wedding within it.

Photography: what does it mean to me?

As a proud husband myself and a father to two gorgeous children, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to make sure you capture those special, precious moments and memories. Culturally, family is very important to me and it is for this reason that I work exceptionally with children and will really value all your family and friends.

Those memories I hold dearly of my grandparents. Reflections of my kids being younger. The day I married my wife . These key things that I hold close to my heart have all been preserved with photographs. Essentially, for me, photography is the freezing of a moment, to hold close forever.

Choosing me as your photographer, I feel I have been privileged to be given the responsibility of capturing these moments for you, whilst insuring the highest quality and creativity. Not only is it my job to ensure I deliver you with moments of WOW to throw all over your social media channels etc but it is my duty to make sure I capture the love and emotion of you, your family, friends and all the special moments that you look back on with fondness and emotion, forever!

I am also someone who isn’t shy to call people up for those group shots etc – I aim to help you keep your day running smoothly and making everyone feel at ease and comfortable.

This is my passion and what inspires me as a photographer.

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