Getting married in The Cotswolds as Lydia & Chris celebrate with a quick twirl at Barn at Upcote, Cheltenham wedding venue

Cheltenham Wedding Venues

Confetti walk through a crowd of guests from a bride and groom at Cheltenham wedding venues Pittville Pump Rooms.

Cheltenham Wedding Venues

As a wedding photographer based in Cheltenham, I’ve been fortunate to work at some gorgeous Cheltenham wedding venues in the area. If you are indeed planning your big day and looking for inspiration of where to get married in Cheltenham, then hopefully this ‘Cheltenham wedding venues’ blog is of use to you:

1. My most local venue – Ellenborough Park Hotel

If you are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding, look no further than Ellenborough Park. This 15th century country house hotel sits on 90 acres of stunning countryside and is home to some utterly ridiculously gorgeous views of The Cotswolds. The venue offers everything you could want for a wedding and has beautiful spaces both indoor and outdoors, including the option to get married in both areas also. Rope swings, big open spaces, a swimming pool and lots of gorgeous walkways and gardens to utilise makes Ellenborough Park a favoured option of Cheltenham wedding venues. 

Married in the Cotswolds. Couple pose outside their cotswolds wedding venue, Ellenborough Park hotel, Cheltenham.

2. Pittville Pump Rooms

For those looking for a more historic setting, Pittville Pump Room is something of an iconic fit for Cheltenham. Anyone from this area knows of this venue along with the gorgeous Pittville Park (the grounds in which Pittville pump rooms reside). Built in the early 19th century, the iconic building is housed within one of the country’s most elegant spa towns – Cheltenham. The building is decorated with ornate arches and marble columns, fitting of the era and offers a majestic feel to the overall settings – they make for some great photos of either portraits or groups.

A gorgeous newlywed couple walk through Pittville Park Cheltenham

3. The Barn at Upcote

Really heading in to the countryside here. A converted threesome of old barns, gathered around a well designed courtyard with a centre piece set of stairs, The Barn at Upcote is a top wedding venue with lots of space that gives you tranquility and a relaxing feel. All set within its own little valley, the countryside rolls for miles away from this venue as all you will see is an abundance of hills, greenery and just pure peace to be honest. With its own parking, all located a fair distance from any road, this is a perfect venue for couples wanting their own space whilst also oozing the cotswolds.

Bride & Groom pose for portrait shots on the stairs at the Barn at Upcote Cheltenham Wedding Venue

4. Manor By The Lake

A random venue, that creeps upon you unexpectedly out of nowhere. Manor by The Lake actually sits opposite an Asda although once you take its turn off and drive down the venue’s own driveway, you would never, ever know this! It’s like someone has picked up a country Manor House and dropped it in a busy industrial area, but somehow magically manages to never let you know this, once you enter the vast grounds and beautiful Edwardian Manor House. Seven acres of land separates you from the world. The luxurious interior of this venue is world famous and this venue is full of stories – just ask the wedding planners! Able to accommodate 200 guests, this venue’s key attraction ( in my opinion) is the stunning lake and woodlands setting that offers ample opportunities for beautiful wedding photographs.

Portrait wedding shot of a couple with the Manor as a backdrop at Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham

5. The Greenway Hotel and Spa

Gorgeous gardens overlooking the rolling hills of the cotswolds, the Greenway Hotel and Spa is a luxurious retreat, perfect for those who favour a little indulgence. This 16th century Elizabethan Manor House offers the perfect blend between both traditional and modern decor. A real jaw dropper of a venue that is only going to capture the best wedding photographs.

cheltenham wedding venues


To summarise, it’s safe to suggest that Cheltenham has a wide range of stunning wedding venues to match all tastes and budgets! Whether a traditional manor house, a boutique hotel or idyllic barn conversions, there’s sure to be a venue in this bustling town that is perfect for you.

Whatever venue you pick, it’s important that you find one that suits your personality and who you both are as a couple. With a little bit of research and some professional help, I am confident you will find the perfect wedding venue for your magical, Cheltenham wedding.

For more information on my services as a wedding photographer or if I can help with any additional questions or thoughts, please do contact me as I enjoy engaging about everything wedding related!

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How much is a wedding photographer for a Cheltenham based wedding?

This can vary on many factors. My lowest price is £1,295 for a digital package, £1,595 for the same package plus an album and there is also a few added bits you can choose to purchase also.

How much does Cheltenham wedding venues cost to hire?

The cost can vary. The most common price range is between £3,000 to £10,000 but can also go higher than this.

What is the best time of year to get married in Cheltenham?

Of course, this depends on what venue you choose as well ( outside ceremony etc) but all Cheltenham wedding venues should cater for whatever the weather is doing – this is the UK after all. However, the most popular times to get married are between May and September.

How far in advance should I book a Cheltenham wedding venue?

As early as possible. Once you know you are getting married, venue should be the first thing you look to book. Popular venues tend to book up quickly so the sooner, the better.

Can I have an outdoor wedding at Cheltenham wedding venues?

Yes, many of the venues in Cheltenham cater for outdoor weddings. If this is important to you, make sure to ask to check the space made available for this.

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