Clearwell Castle Wedding Photographer

Clearwell Castle, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Complete with grand reception rooms, a 75-foot-aisle and accommodation aplenty, the multi-award-winning Clearwell Castle offers a magnificent backdrop for your fairy-tale wedding.

Where is Clearwell Castle?

The gorgeous Clearwell Castle is a dream venue for your real life prince/ princess wedding.
Luxury rooms within the castle to add to the glamour of your morning wedding preparations.
Bright, airy ceremony room with gorgeous chandeliers hanging overhead.

Clearwell Castle is a magnificent castle, set in a romantic forest setting. Both inside and out, you will feel the glamour and the atmosphere of getting married in such a romantic venue.

Where are the best spots for photos at Clearwell Castle?

The vastness of Clearwell Castle means you are in for a treat when it comes to photos – especially outdoors.

From the natural elements of the architecture inside (stairwells, structural elements etc) to the vastness and beauty of the outdoors, you are not short of options. Clearwell also has a captivating entrance arch, which in the evening we can light up and get some stunning night time shots – see the below photos for inspiration.

you will not struggle to get great pics here!

One of the stairwells at Clearwell castle, being used as a prop for a shot from above the couple.
Dancing takes place in a very traditional basement, modernised with a lit up dance-floor and bar.
Clearwell Castle – got all the basis covered to making sure you have a fantastic wedding.

Contact details for Clearwell Castle

If you feel this venue ticks all your boxes and you’d like to find out more.

You can make contact with Clearwell Castle here:


Clearwell Castle
Forest of Dean
GL16 8LG

Telephone number: 01594 832 320

Gorgeous archway, used as the entrance in to the castle grounds, can be used in the evening for some truly stunning shots.
Archway of clearwell castle lit up by photographer, Pedge Photography. A couple on their wedding day stand under the lit up archway with a white umbrella. The scene is complete with a burst of stars behind them.
Lights and umbrellas to give the archway a different mood and to add something a little different to the photo on the left.

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