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Why you should consider me to be your wedding photographer…

Looking through the internet, searching google for ‘Gloucestershire wedding photographer’ can produce a rather extensive list of options. So, with this in mind, the question beckons; why should you place your faith in me to be YOUR wedding photographer?

I have no hourly rates. I am dedicated to this, passionately in fact! When you book me, you get me for the whole day. I am there to document and showcase your wedding, as it happens. I feel that, if I am privileged to join you on your special occasion, then it’s only fair to ensure I capture the day as it unfolds. From the bridal team/ groomsmen getting ready, until everyone is on the dance-floor cutting some (often drunken) shapes! I’m determined to ensure I capture all the best parts of your day.

Confetti celebrations at The Vale Resort, Cardiff

My style – I favour a relaxed approach. This is your day. You’ve planned this. You’ve arranged for all your nearest and dearest to be there. I respect that it would’ve taken you a lot of time in planning all the minor details of your day etc – I’m not there to take over. This day isn’t about me, it is about you.

The vision I try to create is that your day should unfold naturally. The smiles, tears, reaction, silliness etc all looks so much better when it is captured in a candid manner, as opposed to me acting in an obtrusive and pestering fashion. I’ll position myself to capture key moments, where your guests personalities shine through, without them feeling like I am forcing them to pose for me. The posed photos I take of you and your guests should be because you feel comfortable for them to be that way.

Mother & daughter share an emotional moment at The Barn at Upcote

At some point, we will break away from the wedding party for no more than half an hour, in order to get a few key shots of just the two of you, which would be your album cover shots or the photos you would probably end up using for your prints and wall-art. This is a great opportunity to get some personal couple shots in.

Under the arch shot at Clearwell castle. A flash lights up the archway in the dar as a couple kiss under a white umbrella.

Pedge Photography capturing a pair of newly weds at the Barn At Upcote Wedding Photographer
A couple share an intimate kiss at their wedding venue, The Vale Resort, Cardiff.

I offer an engagement shoot as well, which comes as standard with my wedding package. It’s not an additional cost or added extra. For me, it’s a key part of the whole process. It gives me an opportunity to meet you, to have a good chat with you and for us to discuss plans for your wedding (which we would also do thoroughly, roughly a month before your wedding). It’s your chance to tell me what your expectation is from me. Ideally, we would meet up at your wedding venue and then we could plan a couple of shots together. These shoots gets you used to the camera as well as seeing how I work. It’s a chance for us to let our hair down, relax and build a rapport. It sets us up well for the main event!

Pre-wedding shot taken at Pittville Park in Cheltenham.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a dab hand with children as well, they seem to love me (poor quality pic below as on mobile phone, but I love the shot!)

Gloucestershire wedding photographer fooling around with the younger guests, at the Barn at Upcote in Cheltenham

So, there you have it. Hopefully I have provided you with a few reasons to consider me. I am a family man, married with two very young children. I care. Family is important. It is important I get you shots that will last a lifetime. That is what it is all about for me, capturing the moment and being the guy you choose as your memory maker! So don’t delay, contact me and let’s get planning for you wedding!

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If you find yourself reading this then you have stuck with my post until the end, something that has my greatest appreciation.

Thank you and kind regards,

Pedge ♥️

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