Couple kissing in the countryside of Hereford. This particular shot was taken in the spring season at Broadfield Court

Pre-wedding shoot – What is it?

I offer pre-wedding shoots as standard, with all my packages. I do this for a reason – read on to find out what this reason is!

What is a pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot (also known as engagement shoot and pre-shoot) is a photo session, usually held a month or two before your wedding (clue is in the name 😉

Over the last decade or so, it has become a popular feature for wedding photographers in the UK to offer these types of photo shoots in to their range of products. A lot of wedding photographers will do these as a charged extra and other wedding photographers will include pre-shoots as part of their wedding packages.

So, why would you want a pre-wedding shoot? What is the benefits of it to you?

The benefits of a pre-wedding shoot?

The main aim is to get to know your wedding photographer and I can get to know you both as a couple and as an individual. We can spend some quality time in a comfortable environment – you getting to know me and the way I use my cameras and working out your own comfort levels. For me, I get to know about the type of couple you are and what your limits are in front of the camera also. I don’t treat every couple as standard during these shoots, I spend a bit of time getting to know you and understanding the best way of approaching you with the camera. Some people are naturally very confident in front of a camera and don’t mind the idea of having a camera on them but to be honest, the majority of people take some time to warm to it. It’s great for me to find out about you as a couple, how affectionate you are or do you want to be in public. Some couples are happy to kiss in front of the camera, others are happy to hold hands and have a cuddle.

A pre-shoot is a great dress rehearsal for your wedding day and should hopefully leave you with a feeling of knowing what to expect from me as your photographer.

It is entirely the couple’s choice to opt in or out of having a pre-shoot, but I’d recommend it, especially if you’re a bit nervous about being in front of the camera.

You also get a feeling for how I display your gallery this way. What will happen is, I’ll take your pictures, edit them and then upload them in to my online digital gallery. You’ll then be provided with all the bits you need to access your photos. This works in the exact same way for your pre-wedding shoot as it does for your wedding day. It’s a good chance for you as the couple to see first hand how your photos will be delivered and displayed to you.

I’ve got a booking with you. How do we arrange a pre-wedding shoot?

Chances are, we’ve probably spoken about it already. If you would like a pre-wedding shoot then I’ll be in contact with you roughly two months before your wedding to start arranging some dates. However, I’m always open to contact and if you’d like to contact me initially about arranging this, then that is absolutely fine with me.

What type of images can I expect from a pre-wedding shoot?

A picture tells a thousand words so for this particular part of the blog, lets show you some images!

Pre-wedding shot taken at Pittville Park in Cheltenham.
The beautiful colours of Summer set in on the surroundings of this lush, natural environment. Barn At Upcote, Cheltenham
Couple sharing a moment at Pittville park in Cheltenham, caught by Pedge Photography.
Couple shoot, captured by Pedge Photography on Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham
Couple sharing a moment at Pittville park in Cheltenham, caught by Pedge Photography.
Lying in the summer grass of Pittville Park

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