Married couple embrace in the summer sunset of Ellenborough Park Hotel

Top 5 tips for choosing the best Cotswolds Wedding Photographer for you

Group shot at a wedding at The Swan Hotel Bibury captured by Cotswolds wedding photographer Pedge Photography

1. Editing Style

Whilst doing your research and looking at styles of photography that you think suit you, you will be drawn to particular styles and colours that you are drawn to – this is going to be the photographers editing style. Photographers tend to favour certain styles of editing that also tends to follow across their portfolios. You’ll notice the photographers who favour dark, moody tones tend to stick to those, the ones that tend to favour highlighted, airy photos tend to stick to that ( although challenging in the dark!) and the ones who tend to favour strong, bold colours full of vibrance tend to stick to this also. My preference as a cotswolds wedding photographer is to keep the colours and vibrance as you’ll see from my portfolio but this is a personal choice to me and of course, every person has their own preference. Think which style it is you favour?

Bride and Groom embrace for an emotional first dance captured by Pedge Photography at Stanbrook Abbey Hotel

2. Personality

A word to the wise – have some kind of physical contact with your wedding photographer prior to your wedding. Ideally you would have had a zoom call or a at least a telephone call before booking in your photographer. You will know within 60 seconds whether the person on the other end is someone you wish to take that journey on as you walk down the aisle. You cannot get a true reflection of someones personality through text messaging or emails. Speak to your prospective wedding photographer – the conversation with them should feel natural and more like a chat with an old friend. If it feels awkward or strained, this could be a sign that it might be an idea to continue your search. I do have an about me page to give you a very brief insight in to me as a photographer and as a person, but it’s always best to have physical interaction.

A spot of arm wrestling at a wedding! Not your every day expectation. Do you wonder who won? As the photographer, I know, but I'll let you try and figure it out.

3. Contract/ Insurance

Do you have questions? Is your choice of photographer happy to answer anything you may want to ask? One step further – does your photographer have a copy of their full quote, contract and even insurance details at the point of booking? If your photographer has a plan for even the worst case scenario they shouldn’t be afraid to share the details with you. Personally, I let all my clients review a contract and openly welcome questions in advance of taking their payment and cementing their booking. It’s important to feel comfortable and know what you’re paying for, and I feel it should be as transparent as possible.

Lydia & Chris in the secret garden of The Barn at Upcote, Cheltenham wedding venue
Photo taken at The Barn at Upcote

4. Experience

Wedding days are not for practise, they are the real deal! It is not the time to hire someone new in to business that promises you the earth for £500! I get it, at the start, a photographer might feel they need to go cheap in order to build up a portfolio; it does make sense. However, they are going to quickly learn that no two weddings are the same and sometimes don’t go to plan. It’s in these scenarios you need to have someone with the skills, knowledge and ability to think fast, move fast and react in a cool, calm and collected way – this is the experience factor. Experience is priceless. This is your wedding day and you want to make sure you have someone behind the scenes, who you can have faith and trust in knowing they are immortalising your memories.

Sparkler shot at this winter wedding, taken in 2022 at The Pear Tree, in Purton, Swindon
Photo taken at The Pear Tree, Swindon

5. Price

” Pedge, why does any of the other our points matter if I can’t afford them?” It’s a fair question. However, once your wedding day is over, once all your family and friends have gone home and once you are left with just your memories and thoughts, it’s going to be your wedding photos that matter! My goal and the purpose of starting out as a wedding photographer was to capture all the special emotion, moments and candid documentation of your wedding as it happened, all in high quality, creative imagery. I want all my couples/clients to absolutely have the best, most amazing wedding photos to relieve their day. Whilst I appreciate everyone has a budget, is a wedding cake or personalised dressing robes more important than your wedding gallery full of memories? Only you know the answer to this question! Most photographers (me included) offer hassle free, payment options. I would never expect you to pay the whole amount in one go. For more information about prices, you can click here or arrange to contact me for a call.

Major throwing of confetti over the bride and groom at Ellenborough Park in Cheltenham
Photo taken at Ellenborough Park Hotel
Hi there, it's a portrait photo of me, Pedge, from Pedge Photography.

About the Author

Pedge Photography

A cotswolds wedding photographer based in Cheltenham, I am experienced with the location itself as well as a good few years now of being a wedding photographer. It’s something I am deeply passionate about and I love my job and meeting new people. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day, I’d love to talk further with you.

What should I look for in a Cotswolds wedding photographer?

When choosing a Cotswolds wedding photographer, look for someone with a style that matches your vision for your wedding day. Consider their portfolio, their reviews, and their experience in shooting weddings in the Cotswolds. It’s also important to make sure you have a good rapport with your photographer and that they are reliable and professional.

How much does a Cotswolds wedding photographer cost?

The cost of a Cotswolds wedding photographer varies based on their experience, reputation, and the packages they offer. On average, you can expect to pay between £1,000 and £3,000 for a wedding photographer in the Cotswolds.

What type of photography packages do Cotswolds wedding photographers offer?

Cotswolds wedding photographers typically offer a range of packages, including full-day coverage, half-day coverage, engagement shoots, and album packages.

What is the best time for taking wedding photos in the Cotswolds?

The best time for taking wedding photos in the Cotswolds depends on the lighting conditions and the season. Most photographers prefer to take photos in the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset, when the light is soft and warm. If you’re getting married in the summer, you may be able to take photos in the early evening, when the sun is low in the sky.

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