Frequently asked questions

What is your style of photography?

I have a very relaxed approach to my photography. I am an easy going person and I love to socialise. For me, it's important for you to be comfortable in front of the lens. I am a dilligent and caring person by nature, so am very confident that I can make you feel at ease and cheerful throughout our photography. I am happy and confident in my own ability to completely lead the session, as well as I am extremely open to suggestions, ideas and briefs on the type of shots desired.

Are you able to travel?

Absolutely. Depending on the job and the distance, I am more than happy to leave the comfort of Cheltenham to take on a job. Please do get in contact for more information.

What if I have further questions?

Then please, I invite you to drop me a message through the "CONTACT INFO" section of my website. Alternatively, if you click on the social media icons, located either at the top or bottom of this webpage, you can drop me a message through Facebook or Instagram.

Are you able to provide us with an album if desired?

Yes, it is included in my wedding packages - check 'pricing & collections' to see more on this .

I would design this, based on a selection of favoured shots selected by you. I would piece this together and arrange to have it printed and delivered in a high quality, luxurios album, including a leather box to keep it in.

A wedding album is something handheld, that provides you with the physical memories, to showcase your dreamy day and share your story, with friends and family.

For this reason, I also have additional packages which include albums.

Everything sounds great, what do we need to do next?

Message me through the 'CONTACT INFO' section of my website. Alternatively, drop me a message via via facebook/ Instagram (links at the top/ bottom of page.

I would require a £200 non-refundable deposit to seal your date. I will then provide you with a contract and a receipt. The remaining balance would need to be paid a month before your wedding date.

How long will you be with us on the day?

I don't place a timescale on this. I am there from bridal/ groom prep until at least the end of the first dance, as long as that suits you of course!

What is an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is an incredible opportunity for us to get to know each other and have a lot of fun. You get to see the way I work and become comfortable with me and my style of photography. I'm able to appreciate your views and what types of shots you favour etc.

I think engagement shoots are an awesome idea and that is why I offer them as standard in my wedding package.

The only stipulation I have for this is that it must be in Gloucestershire.

How many photos am I likely to recieve?

There is no definitive number for this, from me. This depends on various factors determined by the circumstances of each wedding. However, I would offer you at least 300 - 500 fully processed images.

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